We hadn't planned on reducing costs, but we ended up saving nearly $200,000 annually due to Bill's leadership.

Dental Practice

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Under Bill's direction, we got much greater buy-in from our directors. Their interest and involvement increased significantly.

Professional Association

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Types of Meetings

Bill provides meeting facilitation for a wide varieties of meetings.

Retreats very commonly utilize the the expertise of outside facilitation. This facilitation may be for board of director retreats, management retreats, a variety of company retreats, group retreats, organization retreats, or office retreats.

Outside facilitation is also invaluable for strategic planning meetings, annual planning meetings, organizational planning, developing change plans, and changing organizational plans.

Regardless of the type of meeting, professional facilitation can produce more results through the objectivity and perspective brought by the facilitator.

Hiring Bill as your facilitator says to the group "This is meeting is different. This is meeting is important." Doing so puts your meeting on the path to success.